Welcome to The Farm Girls Vintage Boutique!

I’m a Farm Girl through and through. Born and raised on a hog and grain farm in NW, Ohio. I married My own farmer in 1982. Together we have raised 3 children and now have 5 Grandchildren added to the Farm life. Today we raise cattle and Grain and only live a few miles from where we both grew up.

I’ve always loved everything the FARM was about, the history of many generations, the old stories, cooking for the Farmers, taking meals to the field, the joy of a new calf hitting the ground, the smell of dirt in a freshly tilled field, the vintage décor that’s in so many old farm houses and most of all the ties we all have as a farming family.

As the boutique has closed, I continue to paint furniture and interiors of homes, kitchen cabinets, help clients with interior decorating and have added canvas art.

Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and this website as I’ll be sharing family recipes, paintings and everyday life on the Farm.

Many Blessings,